Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pinky's Got An Old Pair A Shoes.

Not vintage couture,
not even classic sheik,
just plain old leather flats,
no working heel or seat.

Lining's torn and tough,
puff points to the left,
toes look kinda wasted,
sole ain't got no heft.

Now Pinky's not the kind,
to search out shopping deals,
she'll stuff in colored cardboard,
to cover holey heels.

She'll use a magic marker,
to paint a clever vamp,
pink unicorn, one rose,
her single-minded stamp.

We took the pair out dancing,
and street-smart set the cues,
they ask hip hopping Pinky,
"Where did ya get those shoes?"

She's got a unique style,
screamed all the shoe obsessives.
She's what the Vogue set calls,
an Avante-Garde Expressive.

Fashion slaves all over,
fell for tattered toes,
cardboard placed in corners,
pink unicorn, one rose.

Her shoes from rags to rage,
to every posh and dash,
old junk is now on trend,
proud Pinky's paid in cash.