Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ai Lana's Pearl.

Their bodies lay entwined and floating on a canopy of kelp. Her long flowing hair feels damp against his chest. Beguiled by love, he inhales the tangy scent of fresh sea weed and salt water. She must leave at high tide. But the memory of her storm grey eyes, lithe torso and tangled tresses will keep him restless and wanting until he finds her again. They drift along shoreline, exhausted in their new found passion. She whispers her name, "Ai Lana." Noble one. Shallow waves softly lull them to sleep. At dawn, she is gone, wrapped in her second skin and swimming amongst grey seals. So many mournful eyes set upon him. He cannot separate his lover from all others. She has left him a perfect oyster's pearl nestled in the cool sand. Is this the Selkie's promise to return? For seven years he searches, calling her name in seaside caves, climbing up jagged cliffs and wading through long ribbons of sandbar. Ai Lana's pearl is kept safe in a small silk pouch.  Every night he holds it up to lamp light, staring at the warmth and luster of her precious gem. It reminds him of radiant skin and shy smiles. One day, he will hear her ocean song again and, without hesitation, dive into the deepest part of his human heart.