Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bleach Cycle.

Leap year! Today is February 29th. It's a cold, windy, messy kind of day. So I wrote this silly little ditty to make myself smile. It made some of the local ghosts smile too, except for Edward of course. He considers this male ghost bashing. Guy never had a sense of humor even when he was alive.

Bleach Cycle.

Female Ghost: "That sheet you're wearing is filthy."

Male Ghost: "Dear lady, I have been haunting this house for over two hundred years. What doth thou expect?"

Female Ghost: "Two hundred years and you still haven't learned how to use the washing machine?"

Male Ghost:  "Pray, what is a washing machine? I believe I was deceased before they invented such contraptions."

Female:  "That's no excuse! Typical man, always some flimsy reason for shirking housework."

Male Ghost: "Be gone cruel wench, or I shall wash thy mouth out with lard and lye soap!"

Female:  "If you know how to use soap you can learn how to use the washing machine."

Male Ghost:  "I beseech thee lord! Take me now!"